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A Natural Park inside and outside of the water

Nature and Crystal Clear Waters 

Not many Cities in the world have a Natural Park only 30 minutes away from the City Center. The perfect get away from the City rush to the beautiful landscapes of Arrábida.

Arrábida, Natural Park
📆From April to October


SETÚBAL OR TRÓIA MARINA (30 minutes Transfer from Lisbon City-Center)

From the Mountain to the Ocean 🐬 
Arrábida is one of the biggest treasures that our country has to offer, and for this reason, the tours in this place are truly unforgettable. You can enjoy not only the boating experience but also the surroundings and amazing views formed by the glowing turquoise of the sea and the intense green from the mountains. Sometimes we receive dolphin visits, even though this is not the purpose of our programs, it creates a more unique experience when we are lucky enough to meet them on the water.

Sail close to ⚓️⛵️ 
Alpertuxe | Galapinhos | Tróia | Portinho da Arrábida

Your Private Beach

1/2 Day

The Best option for a stop at the Beach and enjoy the calm waters of Arrábida

Friends family


The opportunity to explore different beaches and secret spots while having the visit of the Park most famous "resident"

Sailing Lovers

Sunset + Dinner

Beautiful landscapes, Your friends, Good Music and Good food, What else? 

All our programs are customizable, so please do not hesitate to send us your idea or suggestion of what you would love to experience

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